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Requested by iddkkkkkkk

watch American Hustle

Anonymous whispered:

thanks for the link to philomena !

it’s okay hun :-)

requested by miss-multi-fandom

Road To El Dorado

picture quality - 10
loading time - 6/7
sound quality - 10

anon requested - only photo I could find sorry


picture - 10
loading time - 10
sound 8/9

sorry for the lack of movies recently I’ve been going through all my notes and finding films for people

Anonymous whispered:

it might be way too early, but Vampire Academy? Thanks :)

it is still a little too soon so I’ll add it to my list of coming up :)

anon requested this! (sorry couldn’t find a GIF)


Picture Quality - 7/8 (really good since its brand new)
Loading Time - 10
Sound Quality - 9/10

a requested film! 


picture quality - 10
loading time - 7/8
sound quality - 10

The Wolf Of Wall Street

picture quality - 9/10
loading time - 10
sound quality - 10